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And it’s over…Our final tournament for 2020 - 2021 season came to a close last Saturday at Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda. Roy San Diego and Rey Perez have  both their hands on the trophy even before the start of the tournament for no one can catch up to them with their insurmountable lead in the Class A and Class C division. But it’s a different story in the Class B division where there are 5 players that can possibly be our Club Champion by winning this last tournament. In the the end, Mariano “Gene” Banting came up on top even without winning this tournament. In Summary, Roy San Diego is our Class A Club Champion and Player of the Year, Mariano “Gene” Banting is our Class B Club Champion and Rey Perez is our Class C Club Champion. Lastly, Gary Maldia, Paul Muego and Ramon Bernardino of Team White are the winner of the inaugural 3 man team competition. Congratulations to all the winners!


See you all next month at Cross Creek for our season opening tournament.


October Tournament Results


Division Winners


Nicklaus Division:

Low Net Winner - Ed Cuellar

Low Gross Winner - Roy San Diego

Palmer Division:

Low Net Winner - Zafiro “Tol” Zapanta

Low Gross Winner - Mariano “Gene” Banting

Player Division:

Low Net Winner - Ramon Bernardino

Low Gross Winner - Robert Guerrero


Closest to the Pin:

Hole #7 - Roy San Diego

Hole #8 - Jeff Le

Hole #10 - Mariano “Gene” Banting

Hole #16 - Bay Perez


King of Par 3’s

Nicklaus Division - Roy San Diego

Palmer Division - Zafiro “Tol” Zapanta

Player Division - Ramon Bernardino


2020-2021 Season Final standing  for Player of the Year and Division Leaders:

Player of the Year:

Winner - Roy San Diego


2020 - 2021 Club Champion:


Nicklaus Division:

Winner - Roy San Diego 


Palmer Division:

Winner - Mariano “Gene” Banting


Player Division:

Winner - Rey Perez

Team Event Standing:

Champion - Team White (Gary M.,Paul M. & Ramon B.)

1st Runner Up - Team  Black (Ed C.,Harry N. & Rey P.)

2nd Runner Up - Team Yellow (Jeff L.,Gene B. & Ron S.) 

Gary Maldia


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