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August Tournament Results


Division Winners

Nicklaus Division:

Low Net Winner - Roy San Diego

Low Gross Winner - Dylan Vallejo

Palmer Division:

Low Net Winner - Ken Eugenio

Low Gross Winner - Randy Saldivar

Player Division:

Low Net Winner - Rey Perez

Low Gross Winner - Robert Guerrero

Closest to the Pin Winners:

Hole #2 - Vital Zabala

Hole #8 - Jess Rementilla

Hole #14 - Jaden Dumdumaya

Hole #17 - Gary Maldia

King of Par 3’s

Nicklaus Division - Pike Braga (1 Under)

Palmer Division - Bay Perez (1 over Par)

Player Division - Lito Gonzales (3 Over Par)

2020-2021 Season year to date standing for Player of the Year and Division Leaders:

Player of the Year:

1.Rey Perez - 2,310pts.

2.Roy San Diego - 2,017pts.

3.Pike Braga - 1,791pts.

4.Randy Saldivar - 1,515pts.

5.Bay Perez - 1,461pts.

Nicklaus Division:

1.Roy San Diego - 1,917 pts.

2.Pike Braga - 1,701 pts.

3.Dylan Vallejo - 1,158pts.

4.Jeff Le - 1,152pts.

5.Julian San Juan - 1008 pts.

Palmer Division:

1.Randy Saldivar- 1,425pts.

2.Bay Perez - 1,317 pts.

3.Gene Banting - 1,283pts.

4.Maki Pamintuan - 1,257pts.

5.Francis Alviar - 1,189pts.

Player Division:

1.Rey Perez - 2,220pts.

2.Ramon Bernardino - 1,182 pts.

3.Al Pintor - 990pts.

4.Patrick Vallejo - 855pts.

5.Jojo Arrienda - 852pts.

Team Event Standing:

1.Team White (Gary M.,Paul M. & Ramon B.) - 1,479 pts.

2.Team  Black (Ed C.,Harry N. & Rey P.) - 1,269 pts.

3.Team Yellow (Jeff L.,Gene B. & Ron S.) - 1,053 pts.

4.Team Orange (Jojo B.,Jerine A. & Al P.) - 1,029 pts.

5.Team Purple (Sonny B., Jess R. & Francis A.) - 990 pts.

Congratulations to all the winners and Thanks to all the players who participated in our August tournament especially to the birthday celebrants for co-sponsoring our lunch that day. See y’all next month at Soboba Springs Golf Club for our yearly Open Tournament. 🏌🏻⛳️

Gary Maldia


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