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Board of Directors Election. 


Every two years our club elects five outstanding members to the Board of Directors.  A BOD Election Committee was selected by the president to nominate eight outstanding members from the club to be BOD members.   The BOD Election Committee members are: Vincent Tabirara (Chairman), Leonard Carlos and Jaime Cruz.  


The BOD Election Committee have completed their selection and are nominating eight outstanding members.  Please read the letter below by Vincent Tabirara, the chairman of the BOD Election Committee.



Dear SGCI Members,

It's that time in every 2 years that you are given an opportunity to influence the future and well being of our golf organization by exercising your voting rights to send  your preferred 5 members to the Board of Directors (BOD).

The BOD is responsible for many things but its most important responsibilities to know and remember are:

1. The BOD appoints the 3 primary executive officers of the club - the president, handicap chairman, and treasurer.

2. The BOD provides oversight and governance on the affairs and practices of the club, which is run by the appointed president and his officers who are responsible for the regular operations. The BOD serves as a counter-balance to the the executive officers to ensure audits and checks are made to avoid violations, whether unintentionally or otherwise, that might endanger the club's position in its finances and its reputation or relations with its members, other clubs, golf courses and communities.    


Vote for the ones whom you think will be good to carry out the BOD duties.  Preferably ones who exhibit the following:

  • honesty,

  • commitment to serve, 

  • not easily swayed by emotions and uses reason and logic to make decisions, 

  • courage to stand up for the by laws of the organization

So, gentlemen, go and vote for the members who espouse and exhibit these traits. Vote for the hardest worker, vote for the honest and sincere person even if he's a lousy golfer, vote for the really good golfer, vote for your good friends (nothing wrong with that, as long as they don't embarrass you!)  :)), just vote!!!    



Please reply BY OCTOBER 28th with  the 5 names of your choice from the list below. 


1. Lito Vallejo  

2.Tony Prudencio  

3. XL Tajonera 

4. Sonny Bautista

5. Jeric Samson

6. Manny Austria 

7. Al Pintor

8. Justin Balhon


Many thanks for your support!


Sincerely and respectfully,


The President and Ballot Committee



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